• Fried Appetizer
  • 3 slices of Ribeye
  • Soup

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"We, at Mr. Kim Korean BBQ, are pleased to present our guests to an experience they will truly never forget, from our boundless menu options consisting of freshly prepared meats, seafood, and vegetables, to our refreshing & traditional Korean ban-chan (side-dishes); you will experience a wide array of complex flavors that will truly give your palate a new perception of taste."

All You Can Eat
The most representative from of gogigui is buloggi, usually made from thinly sliced marinated beef sirloin or tenderloin. Another popular from of it is galbi, made from marinated beef short ribs. However, gogigui also includes may other kinds of marinated and unmarinated meat dishes, and can be divided into several categories. Korean barbecue is not popular among Koreans, but also has gained popularity worldwide.